Who can create groups on KidSocial.ca?


Groups are an important way for the kids who use KidSocial to find other kids that share their interests, are in their school, or that they knew a while ago.

However, groups also need to be kid appropriate and carefully managed. So we've limited group creation. Groups can ONLY be created by site administrator, although there are a few cases where we will create a group for a third party:

  • We create groups for schools, so they can stay in touch with their students.
  • We create groups for kid centered non profits, so they are easy to connect with.
  • We create groups for kid focused businesses, attractions and services, so they can share news, information and similar with kids and their families.

ALL groups that are created for third parties are manually approved and created, and if there are any infractions or inappropriate behaviour by those groups, we reserve the right to remove them at any time, without any notice.


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