Together, apart

It's been a weird year, but it doesn't have to keep your kids away from their friends.

Welcome to, the kid friendly, parent approved social network for Canadian kids and tweens.

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Parents, sign your child up to join the community, connect with their friends and make new ones!

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KidSocial is ONLY for members, and our members are ONLY Canadian kids who are in grades 1 to 9. Monthly membership costs just $3.99 per child, which is how we make sure that kids have parental consent to be here.

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We're all about kids connecting safely with their friends, so we have public chat rooms where they can find each other and connect, but there is NO private chat, and NO private messaging.


KidSocial has groups for the things your kids love, but we vet and verify every group before it's added, so it's kid approved AND appropriate.

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  • Public Chat

    Public Chat

    We don't have private chat or direct messaging, but we do have a public chat room where you can talk Read More
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    Join groups to connect with kids in your city, your school, or that share your interests. Read More
  • Halloween 2020

    Halloween 2020

    We're taking Halloween online! Sign up and join our Halloween 2020 group for contests, spooky news and activities, costume ideas, Read More
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