Last updated 1 August 2020 aims to provide a safe place for kids in grades 4 to 9 who live in Canada to connect online. In order to ensure that this is a safe and enjoyable space for all users, we enforce a code of conduct that we expect all users to follow. The following rules apply:

  1. Our social media users are ONLY kids in grades 4 to 9 who live in Canada, and select, manually approved kid friendly businesses, who may operate groups on this site.
  2. All kid accounts MUST be approved by a parent, and that is why we have implemented a nominal monthly fee.
  3. There is NO private chat or messaging on this site. We strongly discourage the sharing of email addresses or phone numbers on this site, however, if children choose to do so, we have no control over their behaviour on those media.
  4. Parents are encouraged to sign up with an email address they have access to, so that they can review push notifications from this site from time to time.
  5. Users on this site have privacy options via their profile where they may choose who they connect and share with. Kids are encouraged to connect only with children they know from school or from social settings, or in groups on this site.
  6. Users have the option to block or unfriend any other user on this site.
  7. We do NOT display contact information on kid profiles on this site, nor do we use or provide any geolocation information, for safety purposes.
  8. Users may report any content that they feel is inappropriate for this site, and the site owners and administrators will remove the content and or suspend or terminate applicable accounts at their sole discretion based on these reports.
  9. Users may also use the help and support /  ticket system to report problems on this site.
  10. This is a ZERO bullying zone. Anyone found to be bulling another user for any reason, including body type, gender, race, religion, national origin, language, appearance, intellectual ability or ANY other trait or attribute will be subject to disciplinary action at our sole discretion.
  11. We make every endeavour to maintain the privacy of users on this site, however, we have no control over the information they choose to share. We will also co-operate with any police or authority body that follows legal channels to request and access information provided on this site.

Please be kind, be polite, and treat all other users with the respect we all deserve.