Do you own and operate a kid friendly business? Whether it's an entertainment venue, a tutoring service or sports or dance lessons, KidSocial groups are a great way to connect with kids! Here's what you need to know.

Manually Approved

Keeping the kids that use our site safe is our number one priority, so we only allow bona fide Canadian businesses to create and manage groups on this site, and we manually review every application.

We only allow companies that have kid appropriate products and services relevant to the grade 4 to grade 9 age group to have groups here, and we don't allow companies to chat on plublic chat rooms etc. But you can interact with kids on your group, and post blogs and news on our site (subject to admin approval.)


It's affordable to have a group and market your kid friendly products and services on If you're a Canadian business that offers kid appropriate products or services, it costs just $49.99 a month to be on and manage your own group. You can also join other groups, post blogs and videos and more. If you have a special deal or offer, you can also send it to us, for possible inclusion in our newsletters.

Kid Friendly

Everything on is designed to be kid friendly (and parent approved!) Parents sign up on their kid's behalf, and there are no private chat options on the site. We send out regular newsletters, which you're welcome to contribute special deals and events to, and we're happy to host your kid friendly blog posts and videos here too.

Sign up as a Canadian kid friendly company to create and manage a group for your company, post news, deals and updates, blogs with links to your website, and deals for inclusion in our newslettters.